And why should I care?

Why care about a generation that are still children or not even born yet?

Well, because…

  1. If you are pregnant or have younger children today, these are your kids.
  2. If you are a child under 10 and were smart enough to get here, this is you.
  3. If you are a Millennial – and especially if you’re called PewDiePie or Taylor Swift – these are the people who look up to you.
  4. The Millennials, our largest generation, are entering their fertile years.
  5. If you are a grandparent, these are the little angels you splurge on at shopping malls and Disney World.
  6. Homelanders are about 5 years away from entering the part time work force after school.
  7. The oldest ones are about 7 years away from starting college – if college is still affordable then
  8. Homelanders are not only digital natives, but also growing up social media natives and make few distinctions between life online and offline.
  9. They will not have full control over their own privacy.
  10. Like their grandparents 80 years ago, they are born into a time of crisis.
  11. They will feel the full consequences of climate change, global population growth, robosourcing and a large elderly population if they live in a developed country or in China.
  12. They will come of age during major transformations and paradigm changes which will force through not as a result of priority and consensus, but from pure necessity.
  13. Many of them will live past their 100th birthday.
  14. For this generation, a vegetarian diet will be the norm rather than the exception, and the meat eaten may be grown in a lab rather than on a farm.
  15. The name of their second language is Java, Python or Ruby on Rails.
  16. They’re amazing!
  17. If you are a teacher, you are probably aware of the points above.
  18. If you are a marketer or demographer, you are probably aware of the points above.
  19. If you are a politician, you should be aware of the points above.
  20. If you are into clichés or Whitney Houston songs, you know that the children are our future.

So enjoy the journey…


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