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Wonder how After the Millennials can help your company?

After the Millennials’ uses a modular business model. For smaller engagements, the services will be provided in solo by founder and futurist Anne Boysen. For highly customized or research intensive projects, experts and professionals are hired on projects as needed. This gives extra flexibility to the services we provide and allows us to charge lower fees than many other consultancies.

The menu below is just indicative of what we can do and we are happy to meet every client’s specific need!


                                        Field Expert Consultations                                             

After the Millennials was the first consultancy to specialize in the post-millennial generation, also called Generation Z. With almost a decade and a half of research, thousands of data points and a dozen predicted trends, I  provide strategic advice uniquely tailored to my clients’ visions and goals. Whether the objective is to better understand the next generation as citizens, as consumers, as students or as our emerging workforce, an hour-long conversation will help you understand where your risks and opportunities are. 

For corporate clients the first 20 minutes are free. There is no charge for media interviews. Pro bono work is considered on a case-by-case basis for the non-profit sector.


As an experienced public speaker I have presented at conferences and colleges, as keynote speaker and as guest lecturer in several countries. My speaking style is engaging and entertaining, yet informative and based on solid research. I use humor and storytelling techniques to move the audience through the clutter of generational trends and stereotypes with a future forward perspective. See here for more.


Forecast and Trend Reports

We write white papers and reports customized to your specific industry using strategic foresight, generational analysis and a large database of insights. Our report types are of two types depending on your company’s needs and budget:

Generic reports: These reports are based on secondary data, existing surveys and the existing data material previously collected by After the Millennials. We will cover emerging trends and analysis based on your specific industry need. When applicable we use text mining programs to analyze relevant social media buzz.

Custom report: These reports include all elements of the generic reports, but will also use custom surveys and focus groups. Collects data for white space exploration of emerging trends where specific queries are needed, where too little reliable secondary data exist, or the trends to are so new  (this is more common than not!)

Workshop Facilitation

Often the best knowledge is hidden in the organization. We are trained in facilitating workshops and roundtable discussions, and can help move the discussion in a way that makes sure all stakeholder interests are considered and areas and important insights uncovered. This is often used in for “white space opportunity identification” which helps in conceptualizing new products or discovering emerging new markets. Workshops can be a very good match when the goal is to uncover hidden knowledge and to embed new ideas into cohesive, new “future states” or scenarios. This is in turn invaluable for discovering blind spots and for discovering new opportunities. I/we will typically travel to a pre-determined destination of your choice or can help plan the event. 

Hindsight is 20/20. Foresight decides if that is good or bad.


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