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Anne (Gen-X’er) with “Fifi” (Homelander)

If you landed on this site it is not unlikely that you are searching for information about the generation born after the Millennial generation – or the generation born after the turn of the century. After the Millennials is the first and only consultant service and blog designated specifically to this generation. Or more precisely, it’s about the future they will shape and be shaped by in the coming years and decades. They are sometimes called the New Silents, Generation Z or the Homelanders. In this blog I call them Homelanders, but only as a working title. Because just like this blog, this new generation is a work in progress and will likely name themselves retrospectively. However, empirical observations and generational theories allow us to already start to see some patterns.

My name is Anne Boysen and have studied this youngest generation since they were first conceived. Shortly after receiving a masters degree in Strategic Foresight, I was hired to do future oriented market research for one of the largest nutritional companies in the world. They wanted to know how parents 5 to 25 years into the future would relate to infant care, child rearing and buying habits. This is the same future that we are living in today!

Through years of exploring this new generation, their parents and the macro-environments they grow up in I have experienced success in forecasting social changes and the new trends that often follow. Several of these new trends have manifested themselves and confirmed by quantitative surveys and innovations in product and marketing years later. Here are a few examples:

  • Parenting: Based on generational theory and current trends I anticipated that Millennial parents would slow down the trend of overprotecting and over-scheduling children (helicopter parenting). I called it Resilience Parenting. A new survey reports that Millennial Parents is indeed more likely to embrace this new parenting approach.

But why should you care about this new generation? Because whether you work with product innovation, HR or marketing; whether you are an educator, parent or a grandparent, the next generation are the protagonists in the future. Can you afford to ignore them?
If you want to get in touch, collaborate or see how I can help your business, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Or you may just want to read a little more about how I work, what Strategic Foresight is all about or connect with me on LinkedIn.

I look forward to hearing from you!


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