• Did These Generation Z Predictions Come True in 2014?

    Did These Generation Z Predictions Come True in 2014?

    Every academic discipline holds a set of commandments that seeks to maintain academic integrity. In Foresight the first commandment is: “Though Shall Not Make Predictions!” People unfamiliar with Foresight as an academic field are often surprised and ask, if futurists don’t make predictions what do they do? The answer you are most likely to hear(…)

  • Barbie Wouldn’t Need Boy Coders if Published Today

    Barbie Wouldn’t Need Boy Coders if Published Today

    Social media has been in flames the last few days over a (now withdrawn) Barbie-book Mattel published in 2010. It started with a blog post on Pamiedotcom’s Tumblr site. Barbie: I Can Be A Computer Engineer is the gift that keeps on giving to blogs and click bait sites that thrive on stroking our growing sense of gender fairness.(…)

  • What Network Neutrality Means for the Next Generation

    What Network Neutrality Means for the Next Generation

    If you already know what the internet of things is, keep reading. If you want to learn what the IoT revolution has to do with net neutrality and your children’s quality of life, watch this explanation from Jeremy Rifkin. Then ask yourself if the internet is really just media or public utility of the future. Yesterday President Obama suggested to the(…)


“Leading authority on post-millennial values”

Our firm recently interviewed Anne Boysen as part of a 3 month project for a large philanthropic and grantmaking organization around the future of democracy in the United States. Her expertise was added to voices from across different disciplines, including science fiction authors, legal institution executives, government agency leaders, national union heads and presidential speechwriters. As a leading authority on the future of generational and post-millennial values, Anne’s extensive knowledge and input into the project was a key element in defining how individuals will view and shape democracy over the next several decades. I would gladly work with her again, and recommend her to anyone wanting to create impactful foresight, strategy and innovation around generations in the workforce and society.

Frank Spencer

KedgeFuture, LLC

“Excellent Insight!”

I’ve been collaborating with Ms. Boysen for many months. Anne’s insight, enthusiasm, and knowledge of generational concepts and trends has been helpful in many ways while my production company pursues our documentary and website centered on Millennials. While Anne focuses currently on the next generation, the “Homelanders” as many are calling them, she brings value to our work with Millennials as well. We’ve published many of her articles and she is a featured columnist on our site. We hope to work with Anne on a documentary related to this newest, youngest generation born since the early 2000s.

James Wolfensberger

Nameless: Revealing A Generation

Do Generations Matter?

Generational differences are those that evolve as a result of historical changes. Children and teenagers are particularly receptive to changes in their macro-environment and are shaped by these changes. A new generational zeitgeist emerges when younger cohorts interact with changing forces in complex adaptive social systems. Using generational foresight we can identify some of these 'pivot points' and forecast changes even before they happen.

Raising a Young Generation in the Ongoing Digital Revolution

From Central Texas chapter of World Future Society, May 2014. 45% of our current jobs will disappear by 2035. Middle class jobs are getting fewer as smart machines are replacing jobs and middle class incomes remain stagnant. How can we prepare the next generation to not only coexist, but actually prosper alongside computers in the third industrial revolution or Second Machine Age

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